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Mutual Aid for Finn

hi everyone, i have a mutual aid request for our cat son, finn


we had to take him to the hospital yesterday where he was diagnosed with FIC, and the bill/treatment is way more than we can handle right now. we’re looking at expenses upwards of $800 just for the initial emergency visit, medications, and supplies — this is assuming that he recovers within a week. 


i haven’t been able to work in the last couple of months because of my disabilities, so we have already been scraping by with living expenses. with rent coming up, and possible follow up vet visits, i don’t know how we’re going to manage to pay for both him and ourselves as we can’t even afford a sustainable amount of groceries atm


if anyone is in a better position than i am right now and can help us out in anyway i would appreciate it so so much.


thank you!

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